Hi everyone, my name is Frank I’m a software engineer, I live in Quebec Canada (feel free to correct my English) and as you will see; kind of a Star Trek Fan ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m building a replica of the Enterprise NX-01 Bridge for my home office. It’s not a 100% accurate but Inspired by it. First reason I’m limited by the size it’s about 60-65% smaller than the original. I’ve been dreaming of this idea for almost 15 years now. And last year I finally have a place to do it. So it’s 21′ x 27′ with a cathedral ceiling of 10’5″.

Enough talk let see it!

Here’s is a view from what will be the situation room. I’m presently working on the main door (bottom) and the railings still some painting to do on the doors cause I’m waiting to get a blue metallic paint I’ve ordered. The carpet arrived this week as soon as the railings and painting are done that will be next move.


View form the main door :


Panoramic view from where the captain chair will be:

img_1348From the left: 1st door main entrance (stair to my shop), 1st desk: my office. 2nd door: server room. Window/Main viewer 65″ TV will be mounted on to it. I can open it and still have the window. 3rd door: Turbolift well elevator to downstairs, It’s not done yet but everything ready I keep the best for last :).

Panoramic view from the main view screen:


Let me know what you think, I’ll post more photos as I go on the project. I’ve been working on this project alone for about 6 mounts now, working on the weekend and some week night so it’s slow progress. But I’m getting there hopefully I’ll be done (most of it) in a few weeks. I’ll still need to find my captain chair I’m looking for a car seat any idea of a car that have seats that look like this :


Thanks and Live long and prosper.

Frank NX01 Build